Novintro “Our Business is Helping your Business Achieve Greater Success”


VP Infrastructure and Operations

"You've done a great job managing the IT program thus far and got us to the yearend milestone. You delivered successfully and even passed the financial audit of our results today (as I fully expected you would). Well done and thank you. Good luck and best wishes with the rest of the program delivery."

Director, Financial, Admin and HRMS Application Services

"Your assistance since taking project over has been awesome. Excellent effort getting this in quickly" - on successful completion of a project previously stalled for over 6 months.

VP Consumer Management Systems & Sr. VP & CIO

"Once again thanks for all your great work and support" ...."Terrific job, thank you very much" .... respectively - on successful completion of a multi-million dollar cross Canada aquisition project.

Client Principle, Outsourcing Services

"Excellent job in the successful final transition of services, based on the communication, schedule and the great project planning and leadership you've provided. Well done." - on successful in-sourcing of technical services from an outsourcing firm.

Director, Business Services

"Congratulations and thank you for a job well done. This application/server environment has been labelled the 'ugly baby', yet you managed to resolve the many tough problems. It was not easy but you guys pulled it off."