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Engagement Summaries

Infrastructure Management Engagements
Novintro demonstrates Infrastructure Management (IM) expertise.

- Developed a Data Centre (DC) Strategy for one of IBM’s major customers to ensure adequate DC capacity including transition to Cloud Computing model

- Decommissioned four DC’s

- Decommissioned servers resulting in an ongoing net power savings of 87 KW

- Moved multiple production and Disaster Recovery environments from one DC to another ahead of schedule and at 80% of projected cost

- Conducted server refresh and consolidations to improve use of computing assets reducing total cost of IT assets by 15%

- Developed a managed services process focused on an Agile Deployment Methodology improving overall Customer delivery timeframes by 17%

Application Management Engagements
Novintro demonstrates Application Management (AM) expertise.

- Applied CMMI to reduce overall Application management costs by up to 22%

- Used Agile Deployment Management techniques delivered early recurring returns on IT application investments

- Developed revised processes to enable early delivery of new wireless products

- Provided systems integration management services using the Novintro Agile Deployment Management process integrating 5 vendors, wireless engineering and IT solutions

- Led Delivery of a major business transformation program reducing projected costs and risks from $62m to $23m using an innovative approach eliminating the need to modify 112 production programs as part of a major systems integration effort